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What Is Wushu?

UCSD practices contemporary Chinese wushu, an exhibition martial art developed after 1949 in the People’s Republic of China based on traditional Chinese martial arts. Wushu performances and competition are based on routines, called forms (taolu), in various events representing different styles and types of weapons used in traditional Chinese martial arts. In addition, there is also sparring (sanda), although the club does not practice sparring.

The two main styles in contemporary wushu taolu are long fist (changquan) and southern fist (nanquan). Long fist in contemporary wushu, which is what we focus on, is primarily a long range combative style emphasizing fully extended strikes, a balance of hand and foot techniques, and the inclusion of many acrobatic techniques. Southern fist, in contrast, has more focus on low, grounded stances and movements, a greater emphasis on hand techniques, and fast transitions between movements. Both long fist and southern fist have weapons unique to each style, including broadsword (dao), straightsword (jian), spear (qiang), and staff (gun) for long fist and southern sword (nandao) and southern staff (nangun) for southern fist.​

Who Are We?

About Us

We welcome people of all ages and experience levels to come share our passion by enrolling in wushu classes on as well as to form lifelong friendships by hanging out at club events.



To be part of the class, enroll in at least one of the three wushu classes offered through UCSD Recreation. 

To be part of the club, show up to at least two club events throughout the quarter, including but not limited to socials, fundraisers, performances, and competitions.

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