These are the people you turn to for help. They can teach you wushu stuff, presumably.

Winston Lee

Winston is a UCSD alumnus c/o 2018 with a major in Biochemistry and Cell Biology. He first tried out wushu in the 5th grade and continued practicing on-and-off until high school. He picked it up again in freshman year of college when he joined the UCSD Wushu club. He served as the performance coordinator for one year and club president for two. Winston knows and can help with forms in long fist, broadsword, staff, chainwhip, and traditional Shaolin.

Darren Deng

Darren graduated UCSD in 2018 majoring in looking tired all the time (mechanical engineering). He's done wushu for 5 years, taking the gold in most of his competitive collegiate events because nobody really liked him enough to compete with him. He specializes in southern techniques (nanquan, nangun, nandao), which takes your typical incoherent screaming and applies it in a martial context. He's pretty friendly on the days when he's not being a little *****.

Zoe Chan

Zoe started wushu when she was fifteen and competed in the CMAT and Golden State competition every year until she went to college, when she competed in the collegiate wushu tournament instead. Her first weapon was three section staff (?) and the first form she learned was a southern fist form (??) Despite this, her favorite and best weapon currently is broadsword. She’s the most comfortable with teaching basics, long fist, and broadsword, although she’s also okay with staff and will teach people three section if they accept that they might split their head open with it. Just don’t ask her to teach five stance.

Michelle Sit

Michelle started kungfu when she was young, took a break for a few years, and then did wushu and cabinet in undergrad with Wellesley Wushu. In short, she's been doing this for too long but somehow she's still working on her basics. In real life, she's a CSE Masters student with old knees. Ask her about anything except some spear things and especially not about straightsword. She doesn't know the forms either, but feel free to ask anyway.

Kaitlyn Trinh

In 2006, Kaitlyn started studying wushu at Golden Dragon in San Diego, CA. She has been competing since 2014. Once attending university in 2017, she joined UCSD Wushu. Although she has had many years of wushu experience, do not let that fool you, as her commitment to the sport and competitive training did not begin until she entered competitions and was inspired by amazing athletes. She has had experience in numerous weapons and styles, such as: long fist, broad sword, straight sword, staff, spear, southern fist, and pu dao. However, she specializes in broad sword, long fist, and spear.

Chris Johnson

Chris is a fourth-year majoring in math-CS. He enjoys cooking, video games, and trying new things. He lacks sleep most of the time and can teach some longfist and straightsword.

Howard Wang

Howard is a passionate wushu athlete with 6 years of experience in 1st Generation International Longfist, Jianshu, Daoshu, and Spear. He is also a scholar, engineer, and lover of memes. As a Canadian, he enjoys the cold, but can be very warm and enjoyable to hang out with!

Alex Wu

Alex is a 2nd year computer science masters student at UC San Diego. In 5th grade, he begged his mom to enroll him in kung fu because he wanted to be cool like Jackie Chan and Jet Li, so he took classes for 5 years until high school got hard. Luckily, muscle memory has served him well, so last year he was able to quickly pick up wushu again with UCSD Wushu. He mainly does long fist, broadsword, staff, and three-section staff. Also, he like jumps — butterfly kicks are his specialty.

Yong-Yi Hu

Yong-Yi's not sure why she's on this page when she doesn't know wushu. 

She did wushu for 2 years when she was 7-8, but her studio closed so she switched to dance. However, college ended her wushu hiatus, and she is now happily learning all she can to make up for lost time. She can help with basics and knows youth and 2nd gen longfist.