We're the group in charge of everything outside the rec classes, which means we handle socials, fundraisers, demos, competitions (well, the one competition that is Collegiates), equipment orders, advertising, and anything else that might come up. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to share to any cabinet member and we'll be sure to keep it in mind as we plan going forward. 


Top Row (Left to Right): May, Terence, Yong-Yi, Sidney

Bottom Row (Left to Right): Kelly, Kaitlyn, Sabrina, Brian

Yong-Yi Hu

As a 3rd-year with the enthusiasm of a 1st-year, the burnout of a 4th-year, and the sleep schedule of someone who should've died long ago, this international business and sociocultural anthropology double major who doesn't know what she's doing with her life is trying her best to make UCSD Wushu as awesome as it deserves to be. In her free time, she enjoys standing on her toes, whacking herself in the head with weapons she's not good enough to use, and taking blurry pics that will probably become memes. One of her few skills is listening, however, so if you've got anything to say, she'll be there for you. Just don't ask her to solve any math/science/tech problems. Also, know that if you ride in the car she's driving, your life is in danger. You have been warned.

Kaitlyn Trinh
Vice President

Kaitlyn Trinh is an undergradute pursuing a BS in Biochemistry/Chemistry with a minor in management science. If you want to talk about animations, just say webarebears and adventure time close to her. She has a sweet tooth, but insists on self-control until someone offers her sweets. But everything's fine, since she'll just practice more wushu. In 2006, Kaitlyn started studying wushu and has been competing since 2014.

May Ho

May Ho is a second year student in ERC college. Her major is Chemistry. She started wushu at UCSD Wushu because she wanted to learn a new style of martial arts.

Sidney Huen

Sidney joined wushu his freshman year, and some of his hobbies outside of this include watching anime, playing video games, and crying himself to sleep over studying mechanical engineering.

Brian Cheng

Brian loves making and watching action movies!

Kelly Tran
Public Relations

Kelly Tran is a second year student at Sixth College majoring in Speculative Design and minoring in Design and Entrepreneurship. As an interdisciplinary, computing art student she has interest in all mediums of art especially photography.

Sabrina Pham-Vu
Social Chair

Sabrina is a third year student, and started wushu two years ago when she came to UCSD. She was born in the year of the cat. Therefore, like most cats, she ignores responsibilities and didn't fill out this bio (don't worry, socials will not be affected by this irresponsiblity, just her grades).

Terence Liu
Inventory Manager

Terence is a second year Human Biology major and also the inventory manager of the UCSD Wushu Club. He became interested in martial arts when he watched Jet Li in “Once Upon a Time in China,” and has been a fan since childhood. Despite being in wushu for about a year, Terence aims to improve himself. He has a sweet tooth and is a Nintendo fan. Also, swords. He likes swords ‘cuz they’re cool.